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Pioneers of Adventure Sports 
Larry Prosor Photography NFT + Print Collection

Why this? why now?       . . . Why Not? 

This NFT/Print collection is Prosor’s comprehensive work on the rise of extreme adventure sports and majestic outdoor environments. It embodies the rebellious spirit of a unique group of outliers as they pushed the physical and psychological limits of what the human body and the equipment of the era could accomplish. Despite their trademark solitude, their feats as shown through many of the photographs in this collection would catch the attention of the entire world sky rocketing these sports to global levels of popularity. These accomplishments are well worth appreciating for their own sake, but we can learn even more from the methods and philosophy behind them. Many of the extreme skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s saw themselves as alpinists and environmentalists first rather than athletes. Before there was anywhere near the money in these sports there is today, they were pushing boundaries not for the fame, but for the sense of adventure. They did this with a respect for the land they traversed and with an appreciation for the serenity of Nature. In a time where we are far too quick to substitute raw personal experience for the proxy of video media, the constraints of these still moments invites the viewer to grab their bike, their skis, their snowboard or running shoes and experience the backcountry for themselves.  By offering this collection as an NFT + Print pair, this project spans over four decades to bring you a deeply historical yet contemporary offering. The 16X24 archival quality print provides a tactile experience of the exhilaration of these feats and the breathtaking beauty in which they were performed. The NFT containing the digital image captures the immortal quality of a few visionary individuals challenging the world’s definition of “the impossible”. In an effort to preserve these sacred places for future generations, Larry Prosor Photography commits a percentage of sales to organizations focused on sustainably taking care of Nature.

The first chapter of Prosor's first-of-its-kind NFT + Print Collection is live on OpenSea Marketplace. Click on the images below to view their NFT page. 

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